October 2021 Happy Times

October, 2021 Happy Times

October 2021

Boo to you from our crew!  Happy October!

  Inside this issue:

  • Pitfalls of handwritten “do it yourself wills”
  • Fall Real Estate Checklist
  • Happy Lawyer Corner
  • What’s New at Schweizer & Associates
  • Bucket List for Fall

We are open for appointments for all of your estate planning, real estate and small business needs.  We now offer virtual /zoom appointments as well as in person appointments.  So give us a call – the mini loaves are calling your name.

Pitfalls of handwritten “do it yourself” wills

As an Estate Planning law firm, we often have potential clients who ask us why they cannot simply write a handwritten will rather than pay an attorney to draft a will for them.  While North Carolina does recognize handwritten or holographic wills (provided they meet the necessary requirements), there are some dangers in relying on your own handwritten will.

If you are like me and have atrocious handwriting, a court and your heirs may have difficulty in reading your will.  There may be confusion if you have mixed handwritten and typed wills as to which will is valid or if all the documents are purported to represent one will. 

North Carolina has certain requirements for a will to be valid.  You may err by not meeting the necessary witness and signing requirements imposed by North Carolina. 

Further, you may not use the appropriate wording to correctly convey your property correctly.  If your wording is ambiguous and unclear, it what your intended to happen may not occur due to differing interpretations.  More importantly, you may not properly dispose of all your property that you may own at the time of your death.

An estate planning attorney can make sure your unique meets are being met; that all your beneficiaries are protected; you have the advantage of maximum tax savings and that all the formal requirements of a will are met to name a few.  Yes, you will pay for the attorney’s expertise.  But, the price will be well worth it to make sure you have a proper will that carries out your true intentions.
October is fire safety month.  So you want to make sure your home is protected.  Make sure your home is property maintained for October.

We’ve created a handy check list for you.
The Happy Lawyer Corner

The Happy Lawyer hired a new legal assistant to help her with her growing practice.  Please extend a warm welcome to Aidan Schweizer.  Aidan has been our firm photographer and is now helping me get organized.  Aidan is a senior this year at West Johnston High School.  She is making this Happy Lawyer much happier!

Due to a long over due vacation, I did not put on an October webinar.  So sad, I know.  But, I am working on November’s webinar.
Since I did not put on an October webinar, I am attaching a link for last year’s webinar:  Tales from the Crypt:  Estate Planning Nightmares.  Enjoy!

Watch Now
We’re always up to something here at Schweizer & Associates.  

We actually had two social events this month!

We journeyed out to our favorite Garner Mexican food place for lunch one Friday afternoon.  It was great being out n public, sharing laughs with each other.  

Sterling Title graciously took us out for a thank you dinner to Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  We were so grateful as we all enjoyed our meals!

We welcomed a new paralegal to our firm- Sydney Hafner.  Sydney just recently graduated from Chapel Hill UNC.  Go Tarheels!  More on Sydney next month.
Fall Joke of the Month:

What did one leaf say to the other?  

I can’t help falling for you.
Did you know Kristen Mackintosh, The Happy Lawyer, presents a webinar every month?  The webinars are held on the last Wednesday of the month at noon.