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We are not just a law firm. We also care about you. And, in caring about you, we want to make sure you have access to resources.

That is why we created this page. Here, you will find our legal blogs covering various topics.

You will also find checklists and infographics we have created. You can use these as reminders for what you should consider and do.

Not a reader? No worry, we also have several videos we have created. In the videos, you can watch Kristen Mackintosh, The Happy Lawyer, explain more about our blog topics.

We also post all of our monthly webinars which are part of the Happy Lawyer Webinars.

Additionally, we like to be involved in our community. So, we have a section covering our community activities.

Finally, we have posted a FAQs section. These questions and answers are actual questions we get asked.

We hope you enjoy this resource page!