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Understanding Corporate Law and Business Law

Corporate law and business law are both large divisions of the law related to actions people take related to their business matters. Most people think these two legal divisions are interchangeable, but, while there is some overlap between them, there are also important differences.

Corporate Law

Corporate law includes all the laws, regulations, and rules that relate to the formation and operation or corporations, including all the rights and obligations of those who are a part of forming, owning, and managing a corporation. That being said, a corporation is simply a business that exists separately, as its own entity from the people who create it.

While corporations sound like giant companies with thousands of employees and a massive reach, that’s not always the case. A corporation or company can consist of a single individual. An experienced business attorney can counsel you regarding the type of entity that provides the most protection, such as a limited liability company, or LLC. An individual may form an LLC for legal protection to ensure that if the business fails or is sued, he or she can’t lose more than the investment.

Business Law

Business law is a more comprehensive division of the law. It includes all the matters related to:

  • Business formation
  • Acquisition and mergers
  • Shareholder and partner rights
  • Employment
  • Contracts
  • Taxes

Garner Business and Corporate Law Attorney Services

If you are planning on launching your own small business in Garner, Clayton, or the surrounding area, or you’re a local entrepreneur who wants to protect yourself and your brand, having an experienced business law attorney on your side can save you time, money, and stress both now and in the future. We offer several legal services specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs to help you succeed.

Business Entity Formation

For entrepreneurs and business owners who are just starting out or are ready to take the next step in your business, we’ll help you select the right type of business, including sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, or incorporation. Then, we can help you with the paperwork and steps you need to take to establish your business.

Contract Creation and Evaluation

As a business owner, you may be working with vendors, hiring employees, or renting an office or business space. Many of these relationships will require contracts and documentation to lay out the terms of the relationships, such as specified rate of pay, pricing, and delivery time. Before you sign a contract, we can look over it on your behalf, helping you understand the legalese of the document and make sure you’re not signing something that’s not in your best interest.

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