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Protect your profits and avoid delays in your business plans with our commercial property legal counsel and services.

Navigating Commercial Real Estate Law in Garner

Commercial real estate law governs any activities related to a structure, property, or land used for business. This includes office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and vacant property that is zoned for business development. If you are planning on purchasing or selling your business property or need legal counsel or representation regarding developing that property, you need a commercial real estate attorney in Garner with the experience and knowledge to save you time and money.

At Schweizer & Associates, we provide comprehensive legal services and expert advice related to commercial real estate . Whether you’re a developer, landlord, or are purchasing or selling a business property, we’re here to help when you need a real estate lawyer you can trust to act in your best interest.

Garner, NC Commercial Real Estate Attorney Services

In order to help you have the best possible outcome related to your commercial property, we provide a wide assortment of services from transactional services to ongoing representation.

Contract Drafting and Review

If you need contracts drawn up, such as a lease, land contract, or purchase agreement, we will draft a document that will clearly define terms and outline both parties’ rights, obligations, and liabilities. We are also happy to work with you to review a contract to make sure the deal terms are documented correctly, make sure necessary terms are present, and most importantly, help you to understand exactly what is in the contract and if it’s in your best interests to sign it.

Representation at a Commercial Real Estate Closing

Having a commercial real estate attorney at your closing can protect you from last minute changes or problems in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. We also get you ready to close quickly when purchasing or selling your property by troubleshooting any potential issues related to the property title, such as lien issues and title insurance.

Zoning Laws

If you have property you would like to develop or you have a commercial property you are wanting to renovate or repurpose, zoning laws and land use ordinances may hold you back from fulfilling your plans. We’re knowledgeable in local land use and zoning laws and can help you find legal solutions such as applying for variance to help you with your options.

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