Residential Real Estate Attorney in Garner

Avoid unnecessary expenses and delays when buying or selling residential property with our comprehensive real estate legal services.

Garner Residential Real Estate Law

If you are buying or selling a home in Garner, Clayton, Benson, or the surrounding area, you’re taking a large financial step, possibly the biggest one of your life. For this step to be successful, you need to make sure that your bases are covered before you enter into the Purchase and Sale agreement. To keep your documents and affairs in order, navigate liens and easements quickly, and protect yourself before signing contracts, it’s important to work with an experienced residential real estate attorney who has your best interests first.

At Schweizer & Associates, we have years of experience working in residential real estate law, helping homeowners who are buying or selling their residential property save money and complete the process as efficiently as possible.

Residential Real Estate Attorney Services

We not only work with sellers and buyers, we extend our legal services to brokers, realtors, and investors. Our clients depend on us as their residential real estate attorney to help them not only save time and money during the transaction process, but also to avoid expensive legal issues down the road. Our legal services related to residential real estate law include:

For Sale by Owner Assistance

If you choose to sell your home without a realtor, we can help you prevent any legal issues related to selling your home. We can draft and review purchase agreements, address title concerns, liens, and easements, and also just walk you through the selling process.

Contract Review and Drafting

We will protect your best interests by looking over any documents and explaining them in layman’s terms before you sign, so there’s no question or concern about their validity. If you are taking a direct action, such as renting a property or entering into a land contract, we will draft contracts and leases for you.

Real Estate Closing Representation

At your real estate closing, having a Garner real estate attorney there can advise you of your rights in the event that problems arise between the Purchase and Sale Agreement and the time you close.

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