1. What is the Probate Process?

    What is the Probate Process? What is probate anyway? Probate is the legal process for authenticating a deceased person’s will, reviewing their assets, paying their outstanding debts and taxes, and distributing what remains to their inheritors. After an asset-holder dies, the court will appoint a valid will’s executor to administer the probate process. In the […]

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  2. What are the steps of probate?

    What Are The Steps of Probate? Losing a loved one is difficult. You go through so many emotions – grief, despair, anger and fear to name a few. You notify loved ones and make funeral arrangements. Now you have to start the probate process. But, you have no idea where to begin. Exactly what are […]

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  3. What is a Probate Attorney?

    What is a Probate Attorney? Jill walks up to me at a networking event. We talk about what we both do for a living. I mention that I do estate planning and probate. Jill goes “What is a probate attorney?” We began an in-depth conversation about the subject. Read on to learn more. Estate Attorney […]

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