End of Year Charitable Giving Tips 5 Easy Tips to Simplify Your Year End Charitable Giving Can you believe that another year is almost finished? As we approach the end of the year, do you plan to make charitable donations before the end of the year?  Do you want to know some charitable gift giving tips? […]

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  2. Family Legacy Estate Planning

    Family Legacy Estate Planning Are you social conscious minded? Do you love giving to charities and making a difference in the world? Have you dreamed of instilling a philanthropist mindset in your children? What if I told you that you can accomplish these goals through your estate planning. Learn more about family legacy estate planning […]

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  3. Charitable Gift Giving

    Charitable Gift Giving: Choosing a Gift to Give to a Charity December is the month of giving. And, what better month for us to discuss charitable gift giving! If you are considering making a donation to a public charity, you are not limited to donating cash. Depending upon your financial situation, giving objectives, and the […]

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