Reasons Every Homeowner Should Get a Survey

A couple is purchasing a house with a huge backyard that overlooks the most beautiful view. They are already planning on the pool they are going to be installing and the parties they will throw so their guests can enjoy the gorgeous view. 

Before the closing date, the real estate agent asks if they want a survey of the property. They say no, show up for the closing and sign all the documents. The deed is recorded and they are handed the keys to the new home. 

Fast forward six months later, the neighbor is installing a fence on “their” yard and blocking their gorgeous view. The gorgeous view that was the whole reason for buying this property. The neighbor is certain he is building on his own property and produces a survey that shows where their backyard ends and where his begins. Imagine their shock when they find out that they purchased a house with a much smaller lot than they thought!

Here are reasons every home buyer should get a survey:

Prevents costly errors: Implementing due diligence when it comes to the purchase of a home including conducting a survey can prevent a buyer from making a very big blunder, like erecting a fence on a neighbors land. The cost of the survey is worth the peace of mind.

Size of land: A survey indicates the detailed dimensions of the home’s boundary and the exact amount of land that is being purchased. Avoiding a survey could lead to purchasing a property with less land than you thought you had purchased. However, having this knowledge could allow the buyer to renegotiate the purchase price or back out of the purchase altogether.

Future add-ons: It is important to have a survey done in case a homeowner plans to add on to their home down the line. A survey will help the homeowner to know if the home is going to be suitable for any future plans.

Save yourself this sort of aggravation and just get the survey. With years of experience, the team at Schweizer & Associates can provide you with the legal services needed to successfully buy and sell residential property in and around Garner.