March 2022 Newsletter

March, 2022 Newsletter

Happy Times

March, 2022

For the love of spring, you need to catch up with all that is happening here at Schweizer & Associates!

  Inside this issue:

  • Patient Advocacy Help
  • 6 Essential Business Terms Every Business Owner Should Know
  • Happy Lawyer Corner
  • What’s New at Schweizer & Associates
  • March Fun
  • Upcoming Events

We are open for appointments for all of your estate planning, real estate and small business needs.  We now offer virtual /zoom appointments as well as in person appointments.  So give us a call – the mini loaves are calling your name.

Patient Advocacy Help
If you read my last email, then you learned that about 1 in 3 adults aged 50+ are partly- or fully-employed taking care of a loved one. And that number is rising.

As a daughter of a disabled parent, I watched my mom transition into the role of a family caregiver.  Since she was a nurse, she was already trained on how to become a patient advocate.  

Unfortunately, most family caregivers are not so fortunate.   Many family caregivers are
  • un-trained,
  • un-supported,
  • and un- or under-funded
… both as caregivers and as advocates for those in their charge as they go through the healthcare system.
Often these patient advocates are figuring it out as they go! And their main interactions may be with medical teams that have little time or flexibility to offer more than minimal help.

If you are a caregiver and need help on becoming a patient advocate, please check out these book by Betsy Smith.  Great information from someone who has been there as a caregiver and a patient advocate.
The Patient Advocacy Handbook
If you are a small business owner, or are thinking about becoming a small business, owner, you need to be familiar with these terms.

This month we are spotlighting small businesses on our social media and blog posts.  We are answering your questions about LLCs and Corporations.
Recent Blog Posts
The Happy Lawyer Corner
Have you noticed that the Happy Lawyer has been focusing on a different topic theme each month? Every week, her blog topics will focus on the monthly theme.

Last Month was on Estate Administration and the following topics were covered:
  • What is Probate?
  • What is a Probate Attorney?
  • What are the Steps of Probate?

This month she is focusing on Small Business.

Thanks to all of you, Kristen’s practice has grown so much, and keeps growing!  So, this month, she hired a new paralegal, Brittany McCarver.  Brittany has been a god-send for Kristen.  Brittany is helping Kristen get organized, stay on track and maintain her sanity. 
A lot of cool things have been happening here at Schweizer & Associates!

We have grown by one with the addition of Brittany McCarver.  Schweizer and Associates is now up to 5 people. With our most recent addition, some of us shifted offices.

Matt moved into our conference room and we converted our storage office into our new conference room.  

Additionally, we are slowly getting organized.  Spring cleaning is definitely in the air around here.  Thanks to Sydney, our supply closet is neatly organized.  Now we can find our needed supplies quickly.  Thank you, again Sydney for taking on this task!

Pictures of new conference room and supply closet below:
Who Is St. Patrick?
St. Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland. But did you know that St. Patrick was not born in Ireland nor was Irish?  St. Patrick was born in Scotland or Wales (depending on which scholar you ask).  He was kidnapped into slavery when he was 16 and escaped at the age of 22.  He then went traveled to an English monastery where he stayed for 12 years.

St. Patrick spent most of his adult life converting the pagans of Ireland to Christianity.  He is a Catholic saint who died on March 17th. Hence, St. Patrick’s Day was born.

Interestingly, from 1903 – 1970, Irish Law declared St. Patrick’s Day to be a religious observance day, so all pubs had to be closed.  In 1970, the law was repealed.  Green beer flowed a-plenty.
In March The Happy Lawyer will be speaking to all of you current and potential business owners.  Learn tips on operating your small business successfully.  The topic is “March to Your Own Beat But Do It Correctly.”

The  Webinar will take place on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. via zoom.  Even if you can’t make it, if you sign up, you will receive a video replay.  Please feel free to pass along and share this webinar with anyone you think might benefit.
Webinar Sign – Up