Everyone loves a winner: why you need a winning estate plan.

Everyone Loves A Winner: Why You Need A Winning Estate Plan

Everyone loves a winner. We love rooting for the underdog. We are overjoyed when our team wins the super bowl. We love joining in when “We Are The Champions” starts playing.

Why do we love winners so much? Winning makes us feel powerful. When we win we feel rewarded. We have accomplished a goal. And, we are being recognized for our hard work and achievement. Let’s face it, it just feels good to win!

On the other hand, no one likes to lose. We go out of our way to makes sure we are winners, not losers. Youth sports have even gone so far as to give everyone trophies for participating. Their motto is “Everyone is a winner.” Whether you like it or hate it, winning makes us feel good.

What does winning have to do with estate planning?

Now what does winning have to do with estate planning you might be asking yourself. Well, I am so glad you asked that question. I would love to answer your question.

You see, when you work with an estate planning attorney, you are on the way to a win for your loved ones. You and your estate planning attorney are a team. The two of you work together as a team to create a plan so that your loved ones will be taken care of when you die. As a team, you both make sure your loved ones have a plan for distributing your assets.

Your end team

In a way, you are both adding your loved ones to your end team. As your end team, your loved ones will be able to carry out your game plan. They will use your will as their playbook.

You see, a team can’t win without a good playbook. A team needs to know where it is headed in order to win. When you create a will, you are giving your loved ones a playbook for your last wishes. Your will is a win for your loved ones.

With a will, your loved ones know whom should receive what property. Your will tells them who will be the quarterback, or executor, responsible for carrying out your will. By following your will, your loved ones become winners. They do not have to fight over what you would have wanted. They do not have to guess what you would have wanted. Your will tells them exactly what you want to happen when you die.

And, let’s not forget, by having a will completed, you are a winner! You have planned for your loved ones. You have made important decisions regarding your wishes for your loved ones. You have taken out the second guessing as to your wishes. You are the hero!

By creating a will, you are a winner. Your loved ones are a winner. Everyone is a winner!

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