August Happy Times

August, 2021

The Dog Days of Summer are here.  It sure is hot outside!  We hope you are staying cool this month.

  Inside this issue:

  • Why your child needs a Health Care Power of Attorney when he turns 18
  • Home Visit Checklist
  • Happy Lawyer Corner
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Tips for Surviving The Family Vacation

We are open for appointments for all of your estate planning, real estate and small business needs.  We now offer virtual /zoom appointments as well as in person appointments.  So give us a call – the mini loaves are calling your name.

Did you know that when your child turns 18, health care providers do not have to communicate with you about your child’s medical records or medical decisions?  It does not matter if you are paying health insurance for your child.

So what happens if your child is an accident and is unable to make medical decisions for himself?  Or, what if your child suffers a traumatic brain injury or otherwise becomes disabled?

Unless your child had executed a Health Care Power of Attorney, you most likely will not be able to make medical decisions on behalf of your child.  Now, some medical providers will bend the rules but do you want to take that chance?

If your child has turned 18, or is over 18, you may want to talk to him about getting a Heath Care Power of Attorney. The time to prepare one is before you need one.  So, don’t wait.  Make this a part of your back to school preparations.

The Happy Lawyer is experienced in working with young adults and making the process less scary.

Want to learn more?  Check out our blog post.
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Summer is the time for traveling.  If you are visiting your elderly relatives, might we suggest you assess their health and condition.  Look around their house to check for cleanliness.  Are your relatives taking care of themselves?  Do you know what medications they are taking?

Your parents took great care of you when you were little.  Now that they are older, it is your turn to return the favor.

We’ve created a checklist for you to refer to when you are visiting your elderly loved ones.  
The Happy Lawyer Corner

We will be continuing to offer our webinars each month both during the afternoon and evening.  This month’s webinar is aimed at pets.  We are big pet lovers here at Schweizer & Associates.  Our pets are like members of our families.  So, we wanted to create a webinar advising you on how you can plan for your pet’s care when you die.  You can decide who will care for your pets and you can even leave money to pay for your pet’s care. 
Webinar will be held on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. via zoom and then again on Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.  Replays will be available on our youtube channel and our website.

Sign up here for Wednesday afternoon:

Sign up here for Thursday evening:
We’re always up to something here at Schweizer & Associates.

This summer, we opted to start closing our office at 3:00 p.m. on Fridays so our employees can enjoy the summer.  Matt and Kristen do not always get to take advantage of the early closing.  But, we love it when we can!

Have you checked out our website lately?  We have revamped our website to make it easier to read and navigate.

We’ve always claimed to be transparent.  We have now posted our prices on our website for most of our services.  You can check out our prices here:
Did you know we have an artist here at Schweizer & Associates?  Yes, our very own Samantha Heeley recently had an art show at Monarch Realty on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Samantha does alcohol ink drawings.  She also sells her work. If you are interested in checking out her artwork or purchasing her paintings, you can check out her Instagram page at heeley_designs.

Below are some examples of her recent work that Matt purchased to hang in our office.
Last days of summer are here.  Time for the family vacation.  Depending on your family, this could be a joyous adventure or a dreaded trip. We’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you survive your family vacation no matter where you are headed:
  1. Leave plenty of time to get where you need to go;
  2. Know your children, and your, limitations;
  3. Document happy memories;
  4. Remember to unwind – bonus points if all of you can limit your technology use.
  5. Allow all family members to have input on where to go and what activities to do.
  6. Start each day with a game plan – even if the plan is just to relax by the pool.
  7. Remember that everyone does not always have to participate in every activity together – it’s OK if half the group wants to go to the pool and the other half to the beach for instance;
  8. Respect each other’s differences and remember to compromise.
Did you know Kristen Mackintosh, The Happy Lawyer, presents a webinar every month?  The webinars are held on the last Wednesday of the month at noon.  

Did you miss last month’s webinar?  No worries. You can watch it here:
After watching the webinar, view our Estate Planning Checklist for Singles at:

Estate Planning for Singles Checklist