1. Tips for Moving Someone with Alzheimer’s to a New Home

    TIPS FOR MOVING SOMEONE WITH ALZHEIMER’S TO A NEW HOME Who out there likes moving? I sure don’t. In my lifetime, I have moved over twenty (20) times! Yikes! For an introvert like me, moving is difficult. Even for non-introverts, moving is stressful. Now, imagine if you have Alzheimer’s. You are already having difficulty remembering […]

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  2. Happy Talks: Why You Need A Health Care Power of Attorney Now

    Happy Talks: Why You Need a Health Care Power of Attorney Now Listen and learn as Kristen Mackintosh, The Happy Lawyer, explains why you need to have a health care power of attorney prepared BEFORE you need to use one. We have been talking about Alzheimer’s disease lately. When you develop Alzheimer’s you will eventually […]

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