You or your child is disabled

You need special needs planning

Special Needs for Loved Ones

You have a disabled spouse. Maybe your spouse had a stroke or has dementia. As a result of these unfortunate results, your spouse cannot care for his or herself. You make the financial decisions for your spouse. You take care of your spouse’s needs.

Or maybe you have an autistic child. Or maybe your child is mentally challenged. You help your disabled child navigate through life and life’s challenges.

But what if you are no longer around? Who will help your child or spouse?

At Schweizer and Associates, we help you provide for your loved ones’ special needs. How? We make sure your loved ones have documents in place to provide for your loved ones needs. A Durable Power of Attorney allows a trusted person to make financial decisions for your loved one. A Health Care Power of Attorney allows a trusted person to make medical care decisions for your loved one.

Special needs planning also protects your loved one in the event of your death. If your loved one receives governmental assistance such as SSDI or medicaid, inheriting money under your will results in the loss of those benefits. Through a Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trust your loved one inherits money from you and keeps their benefits.