Estate Administration in Garner

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Understanding Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, everything they owned – real estate, 401k holdings, vehicles, and such, is included as a part of their estate That estate is then distributed to pay debts or is given to heirs named in a will. Estate administration is simply the distribution process which is overseen by a person named as the executor of the estate.

If you are named as the executor of an estate when a loved one passes away, you are legally responsible for overseeing the administration of the estate. These tasks include:

  • Gathering assets and keeping them safe until they can be given out in accordance with the will
  • Finding people named in the will who are to inherit some part of the estate
  • Finalizing affairs, such as canceling credit cards, notifying the bank, and other entities like the Social Security Administration
  • Paying off debts and taxes and maintaining bills like a house’s mortgage
  • Distributing property in accordance with the will
  • Filing the will in probate court
  • Deciding if probating the will is necessary

Even in the case of simple estates or when your loved one engaged in comprehensive estate planning, these tasks can be overwhelming and confusing. In a time of grief and loss, the task of estate administration becomes even more difficult.

Working with an Experienced Estate Administration Attorney in Garner

Fortunately, you don’t have to take on this Herculean task on your own. At Schweizer & Associates, we offer advice that stems from decades of experience while providing comprehensive legal services to clients in and around Garner, Clayton, and Smithfield. We are here to help you navigate this role and protect both you and the estate of your loved one.

Filing Paperwork

We will work with you to file the necessary paperwork to not only protect the estate but to also expedite the process. The faster much of the legal forms are filed, the sooner the estate is freed up to pay debts and be distributed to heirs.

Protecting Your Interests

As the executor, you are liable for any decisions you make during the estate administration regarding the finances of the estate and are legally required to act knowledgeably, responsibly, and in good faith. This means that if you allocate the estate to heirs before setting debts and taxes, or if you make poor choices regarding financial decisions, you can be held liable.

We will provide you with the legal expertise and practical counsel to help you make all actions in good faith, expedite paying debts and settling accounts, and protect yourself from liability while protecting the estate’s holdings.

Protecting the Estate

Not only will we help you act in good faith to protect your own interests, we will also help you make choices that ensure the estate is well cared for while you act as administrator. From knowing which tax exemptions the estate can file to managing assets, you can feel confident in having trustworthy counsel that has your loved one’s estate as a top priority.

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