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Asset Protection

Protect Your Loved Ones

You work hard for your money. You make smart financial decisions. You dream of retirement. Maybe you are already retied. You have bought a home. Maybe you started a business. Or you are investing for your future. You save for your financial goals. Perhaps you are planning a wedding? Maybe you are buying a new home? Are you starting a new business? Perhaps you are planning how to pay for your child’s college expenses? You want to make sure your hard earned money is protected. Schweizer & Associates wants to make sure you protect those assets through proper estate planning.

Asset Protection planning protects your assets through Premarital and postmarital agreements; irrevocable trusts, corporate entities, among others. Asset protection planning helps protect your hard earned wealth from creditors, divorce, professional malpractice claims and monetary judgments. Asset Protection plans provide security for you, your family, your business and your investments. So, you decide to whom your money will go and when.